S4x16 Keynote: General Michael Hayden

General Hayden gave the Day 1 Keynote at S4x16 and really brought it. He had strong and often controversial opinions that were well defended. He pointed out where he disagreed with President Obama, FBI Director Comey and most of Europe.

Viewing Notes:

After a bit of intro and opening comments, it really gets cooking after the first 7 minutes.

7:44 He is less worried about a “Cyber 911” than Leon Penetta and others

14:06 Disagree with President Obama’s characterization that the Sony attack was cyber vandalism, but he does not have a better description … and he sees that as a problem.

15:20 Shame on us, not shame on China for the OPM hack. If he had the same ability to do this to China as Director NSA he would, and he wouldn’t even need to ask for permission.

17:30 “The government will be permanently ‘late to need’ in providing cyber security”

24:15 A three minute self-described rant on Europe, their “Pathological Government Structure”, and regulation/legislation that goes so far beyond the US Patriot Act.

27:56 General Hayden’s views on Encryption, which are contrary to FBI Director Comey.

29:00 Government is not, and will never be, the main player in cyber security.


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