The Art of AV Evasions Or Lack Thereof

Anti-virus is a common defensive technology that any pen tester or red teamer is going to encounter while on an assessment. As such, everyone should not only have an understanding of the basics when it comes to bypassing anti-virus, but also recognize the

Bio: Chris Truncer is a previous sys admin turned red teamer, currently works for Mandiant, and is a previous Blackhat Instructor.  He currently works on a wide variety of projects, including the Veil-Framework, EyeWitness, Just-Metadata, and Egress-Assess.  Chris thoroughly enjoys manipulating technology and teaching everything he knows to anyone interested in listening. Chris has spoken at a variety of BSides events, Shmoocon, SANS Hackfests, CarolinaCon, and HackMiami, and writes about security at


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